JOB – Web developer – Stockholm, Sweden

Job description

  1. Design and Development: Web Developers use your knowledge of programming languages to code websites and web applications. You work on both the front-end (user interface) and back-end (server-side logic) of websites.
  2. Client Interaction: You communicate with clients to understand your needs, preferences, and design requirements. This helps them tailor the website to meet specific business goals.
  3. Coding and Scripting: Web Developers write code using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You ensure that the website functions smoothly and provides an excellent user experience.
  4. Testing and Maintenance: After creating the website, You run tests to verify that the correct code strings were used. You also perform routine site audits and ongoing maintenance as needed.
  5. Collaboration: Web Developers work closely with team members and supervisors to align the website’s direction with business objectives.

Remember that the specific duties of a Web Developer may vary based on the organization’s needs. Some may focus more on design, while others may emphasize functionality and security. Regardless, your goal is to create attractive, user-friendly websites that enhance the online presence of businesses and organizations.

Note: English is the communication language, but Swedish is prefered.

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